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The human body is said to have an auric body and seven energy chakras, crown chakra, third eye chakra, throat chakra, heart chakra, solar plexus chakra, sacral chakra and root chakra in the physical body which dispenses Life Energy to the entire body. They are independent vortex like energy centers in the body, each having a color of its own and spinning at specific speeds. Reiki heals by healing the chakras in the body and restoring them to their original energy level. Reiki functions on the belief that every disease is an outer expression of an inner disorder. Until and unless that inner disorder is recognized and healed no physical cure can be complete and permanent. 90-95% of diseases are psychosomatic and stem from an emotional imbalance arising from some disturbing experience in the past or a nagging sorrow, irritation etcetera.

Staff: Ingrid Harris Mrs.
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